Well I've added a theme aswell now. It's not brilliant but its a million times better than defaults. I'll make my own after uni is over. For anyone looking for themes I got mine here [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts  so you might find one there.

I now have four comms:

1. [community profile] antdec 
2. [community profile] jamessutton 
3. [community profile] dan_serena 
4. [community profile] spnislife 

Feel free to join if you are interested in any of the same. The [community profile] antdec  and [community profile] jamessutton  are basicly ones I have on LJ but [community profile] dan_serena  and[community profile] spnislife  are two new comms. There wasn't really anything here on them to join. The supernatural comms seemed to be all slash only ones which for two brothers is a bit wrong...! Plus I'm new to the show so I can't read the recent posts so having my own I can put a rule in that its got to be clearly put on it what series/episodes its from. I wanted comms for all of my interests as I'm wanting this to be more fandom based than real life based journal as LJ is my real life one so having lots of comms will hopefully assist in this!

If you wish to add me as a friend then comment here letting me know.
As this whole dreamwidth is new for everyone, we may be lacking friends so I've wrote this meme myself to help people (including myself) get friends based on their fandom interests.

To take part copy the box below into a reply to this post, and fill in your details. You can leave questions blank if you wish.

You can then wait for people to get in touch with you asking to be friends, or read other replies and see if theres anyone who you may wish to add.

Link to this with a text only link (will add in an image version if people use it).


May. 10th, 2009 09:37 pm
Well already on LJ which I still use so I am thinking that I will save this one for more fandom sorta things and my LJ for private posts. Shall see what happens!

Anyway hello to anyone who reads this! Currently waiting on more people getting invites so I can have more friends. It's lonely in here!

Hi [personal profile] absinthefairy88  ! :D

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